Legislation Ready: Best Practices for Police Early Intervention Systems

Police departments need software that manages employee performance now more than ever. Officers and departments thrive when early intervention is properly utilized as a part of the overall performance management system. It’s an essential tool in protecting and supporting your officer from the moment they’re hired to when they retire.

However, even with a system in place, ineffective processes can stifle a department’s growth and hinder performance.

Listen to this recorded webinar to see how practical early intervention strategies can increase the consistency and efficacy of your efforts and learn how to avoid common missteps.

Learn actionable tips for:

  • Alerting the employee’s complete chain of command of both good and bad behaviors
  • Offering employees immediate, consistent, and transparent feedback
  • Maintaining a documentation track that follows an employee wherever they transfer
  • Using the system for centralized storage of all records connected to an officer