The Use-of-Force and Misconduct Toolkit: Resources for Law Enforcement Agencies

Avoid the legal and organizational consequences of misconduct and excessive use of force.  

Make sure your people, processes, systems, and metrics are aligned to address the causes of misconduct and increase the readiness and accountability of both departments and individual officers.

This toolkit will help you understand the importance of training and better hiring practices in stopping misconduct before it even begins.

Access this free collection of webinar recordings, guides, and articles about misconduct and use of force:

  • Discover the litigation risks of inadequate hiring processes, poor internal affairs case management, and disorganized recordkeeping.
  • Learn how to implement policies and practices (such as de-escalation training) to address the roots of misconduct and toxic culture.
  • Get tips for hiring the right officers and ensuring they get training that prepares them for better outcomes.
  • Discover how software solutions can support your management efforts and increase legal defensibility.