Public Safety IT & Security

Jun 22, 2023

Tennessee POST Reduces Time Spent Processing Agency Training by 84% with Acadis

Technology can help your agency comply with President Biden’s executive order. Learn how the Acadis Readiness Suite can help.

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Oct 28, 2022

Impact of the Federal Executive Order on Policing and Public Safety for State POSTs and Local Law Enforcement

Technology can help your agency comply with President Biden’s executive order. Learn how the Acadis Readiness Suite can help.

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Effective Background Investigations Webinar
Jan 25, 2022

Effective Background Investigations: What Your Department Can Do Right Now to Hire the Best Officers

Do you know who you are hiring? Join the webinar on February 16 to learn the non-negotiables of officer background investigations and tools that increase efficiency.

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Understandable and comprehensive reports improve decision-making. 
Jan 20, 2022

The Critical Need for Reports that Drive Smart (and Quick) Decisions

Data silos stem from many factors—such as a lack of appropriate technology—and create both legal risk and real danger out in the field.

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Personnel Record Accuracy
Aug 26, 2021

Are your personnel records accurate and up-to-date?

Optimal decision-making and legal defensibility require a commitment to strong recordkeeping at the individual level. Check that your processes and technology are supporting you in these efforts.

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Infographic - In House vs Full-Stack Cloud Security
Aug 18, 2021

In-House vs. Full-Stack Cloud Security Infographic

While keeping some aspects of your IT stack in-house might be appealing, organizations that turn to full-stack cloud solutions are more likely to stay secure and can better focus on their critical operations.

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Security Check - IE11
Aug 17, 2021

Security check: IE11 is on Its Way Out

Legacy systems might be tying you down to IE11, which is on its way out, losing support, and will be more vulnerable going forward. Are you ready? Here’s how to have a conversation with your IT team.

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Aug 3, 2021

Clearing the Path for Successful Tech Adoption

Explore tips for ensuring a smooth adoption of a new system or tool. Help your personnel with the right approach and educational foundation, and they’ll be ready for launch day.

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How U.S. Post Organizations Can Answer the Call for Police Reform
Jul 9, 2021

An Introduction to U.S. POSTs and Future Initiatives

Listen to this recorded webinar for an overview of what POST agencies look like in the US and how enhanced standards might resolve the call for police reform.

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May 27, 2021

Five Considerations for Elected Officials Evaluating Policing Solutions

Elected officials who want to satisfy police departments, oversight boards, and an anxious public must go the extra mile when evaluating software solutions intended to drive better accountability and transparency from law enforcement.

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