Acadis® Readiness Suite Achieves CJIS Compliance

BLOOMINGTON, IND. (April 22, 2022)—Acadis® by Vector Solutions is honored to announce that it has achieved CJIS compliance for the Acadis® Readiness Suite software solution.

Acadis engaged with a leading third-party auditor to review the current Acadis security policies and procedures to ensure alignment with CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Security) standards. The auditor evaluated the Acadis solution against the thirteen CJIS security policy areas to ensure compliance with all relevant requirements and standards relating to those policies. Following a comprehensive review, Acadis demonstrated its ability to meet all requirements for CJIS compliance, including wireless networking, data encryption, and remote access, and was issued an attestation letter as evidence of meeting this important standard.

With the addition of CJIS compliance, Acadis will better support local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in improving security and maintaining compliance with CJIS security policies and requirements. Knowing that the failure to comply with these standards can risk denial of access to this vital information provided by the FBI CJIS systems, the high-security Acadis Readiness Suite helps ensure your compliance and protects your information.

Acadis now meets all critical security standards, including FedRAMP and CJIS, while also being hosted on AWS GovCloud.

Considering the significant costs non-compliance can inflict on an institution, it’s another reason to consider a purpose-built solution for these types of high-security situations, like the Acadis Readiness Suite—now CJIS compliant.


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About the Acadis® Readiness Suite: The Acadis Readiness Suite is designed to ensure public safety, military, and other government professionals are trained, equipped, and ready to respond. Acadis measures readiness by automating complex, high-risk training and compliance operations. Acadis increases the accuracy and effectiveness across every level of critical incident response by consolidating information about personnel and resources. The modular system enables organizations to implement functionality where needed to support the entire compliance lifecycle. Acadis embodies a single, powerful idea: To ensure first responders come home alive. See for more information.