Five Software Features That Streamline Training Operations

How your academy operates is just as important as the classes you deliver and the officers you train.

With the constant challenges present in today’s world, you need a tool that can quickly and easily automate your systems and immediately adapt to new requirements.

Ensure long-term viability and scalability by evaluating any software you use—or plan to use—with the following criteria.

Automatically assign instructors, rooms, and equipment

Rooms and resources don’t schedule themselves. But when you create custom rules for your needs, scheduling software can automatically assign instructors, rooms, and equipment—avoiding conflicts and saving time.

Software that determines the best dates for your classes relieves your coordinators of a lot of administrative work.

They can monitor and resolve conflicts, even when planning months-long courses.

For example, automatic scheduling software can analyze and solve instructor shortfalls, allowing coordinators to not only see the shortfall well in advance of the courses but also to resolve it by broadcasting the need to qualified instructors.

Track and book housing

Do you have students traveling for training and need to manage where they’ll stay? If so, you’ll want to make sure your software can go beyond simply assigning rooms.

Advance software can track student travel plans, arrival times, and stay duration to automate reservations and checkouts.

Plus, systems that automatically account for student data and needs (e.g., accessibility requirements, gender) can eliminate the burden of handling building, floor, and room assignments.

When last-minute changes come through, your system will also help your staff handle room reassignments, late arrivals, early checkouts, and maintenance issues with minimal headaches.

Finally, automated housing software can track housing costs, maintenance tickets, student emergency contacts, capacity, and occupancy for easier reporting and better insight into opportunities for further efficiency.

Automate your registration

There is a more efficient way to maximize classes and streamline registration. It’s no longer necessary to manually schedule students or check prerequisites and risk accidentally overfilling classes.

Automated registration allows students to enroll themselves and systematically cross-references course prerequisites against and student records. Each student’s professional history and training data transfer to the course roster, reducing effort and preventing errors.

Your training software can also publish scheduled classes, automate workflows, and maximize class and testing event fill rates.

Registration software can even offer waitlist functionality and register students as soon as seats become available.

Grade, report, and analyze

The benefits of moving away from paper testing are numerous, but the automation that software can bring to digital testing is chief among them.

Software designed to handle testing for your academy can manage your instructors’ grade books for them and even instantly grade tests and quizzes taken online.

Automating grading and reporting allows instructors to continually refine the assessment process—so you can focus on leadership and growth.

Create custom surveys

Surveys are a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your training and identify areas for improvement. However, the process of creating, delivering, and analyzing surveys can be quite time-consuming, especially when you or your leadership are looking for answers.

A fully integrated survey builder module can help you continually improve your training, courses, and other initiatives.  

Such software enables you to more easily create, customize, and electronically distribute surveys—and store the results for thorough evaluation.

It will also help you to quickly identify patterns, so you can make timely decisions and adjustments.

Ultimately, if your current software can’t handle these tasks, it could be doing more for you.

Designed to support academy automation, the Acadis® Readiness Suite offers a single platform to tackle scheduling, registration, housing management, and more—all while keeping data secure and accessible.

Posted on May 25, 2021