Continuous Learning Environments

At the end of the 20th century, technological advances of the information-age brought about significant transformations in learning.  The rapid growth of internet technologies fueled by powerful and affordable computer platforms collided with the revolution in pervasive computing and wireless technologies, all of which have had powerful effects on learning.  These advances have not only had a profound effect on our military and law enforcement communities, but additional, have contributed to seismic realignments of priorities that have reshaped core principles and doctrine.  As the 21st century unfolds, continuous learning environments are emerging as a critical bridge between organizational needs and performance.

To cite this article: Mihal, S., Kirkley, S., Christenberry, T., & Vidali, A. (2003). “Continuous Learning Environments: Incorporating Performance Metrics into Next Generation Simulation-based eLearning Environments for Military and Law Enforcement”