Coping with Coronavirus: LMS and Virtual Training

With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt classrooms across the nation, this is a crucial time for agencies to move classes and other training events online. Even though the long-term scope of these disruptions is hard to predict, organizations entrusted with public safety need to ensure they can continue training operations in the face of public health emergencies or natural disasters.

For some public safety agencies, this will mean increasing existing online offerings. For others, the move to online will be an entirely new endeavor. In both cases, Acadis – with 20 years of public safety training management experience – has tools to assist you:

Learning Management System

For those that do not already have an enterprise-level LMS, this is the place to start. The Acadis LMS module provides a streamlined delivery vehicle for online training courses. It also adds discussion forums to online classes and activities, maintains a library of online courses, and automates the posting of online course results to an individual’s training record. Additional information on the Acadis LMS module is available here.

Paperless Training and Recordkeeping

Limiting or eliminating the handling of paper records and training materials, as well as assignments and exams to be graded, is another way to protect your personnel. Experts believe viruses like the novel coronavirus can live for four to five days on surfaces such as paper.  With Acadis, you can operate a paperless system of delivering and tracking training, assignments, and exams that will save time, money, and storage space.

Online Courses

A free account on Acadis® Network provides access to more than 700 peer-rated public safety courses, including hundreds of free courses. Acadis Network helps first responders stay safe and ready for duty by making paperless training and certification records, and exposure tracking accessible from any location.

Virtual Classrooms

For video classes delivered live by an instructor and other types of virtual classes via broadcast, Acadis can be paired with video conferencing software, such as AdobeConnect and Cisco WebEx. This allows instructors and administrators to track which students started and completed each web and virtual class through Acadis. Agencies can deliver and track training related to coronavirus safety and response via web broadcast and Acadis.

Blended Training

Acadis supports blended training plans that mix components in different delivery formats – pre-test, instructor-led, online, field experience, online class discussion, survey, online tests, etc. – into a single course. This provides flexibility to meet the real-world requirements of public safety training and to limit time spent in the classroom when necessary.

Staff Support

If your agency expands the use of online classes, your staff may need support. If you use Acadis, we will help you. Every week, we provide training for customers through group demonstration webinars. In addition, customers with Acadis Software Assurance can schedule on-demand, feature-specific training sessions, including train-the-trainer sessions. The Acadis Help Desk is also available by phone to provide user assistance and on-the-spot training and guidance.

At Acadis, we believe public safety training is even more essential during times of emergency, and we’re ready to help you overcome any barriers to learning. If you’d like to discuss how you can keep training your personnel even when they are not in the classroom, you can schedule a free demo.

Posted on Mar 16, 2020