Effective Background Investigations: What Your Department Can Do Right Now to Hire the Best Officers

The more information law enforcement agencies have on candidates, the better hiring decisions they are able to make. Unfortunately, the crucial information on law enforcement officers has often been difficult for agencies to access.

The typical way of performing background investigations is inefficient, resource-intensive, and often returns poor outcomes. And the repercussions of making the wrong choice can be dire, as we see weekly in news headlines.

Luckily, law enforcement agencies have more tools available to them now than ever before to help identify quality candidates.

Listen to this recorded webinar as IADLEST, Guardian Alliance Technologies, and Acadis (now part of Vector Solutions) discuss the non-negotiables when it comes to your background investigations processes and how to better access the information your people need.

Listen in and discover:

  • The required components for effective background investigations
  • The free tools available to help make better hiring decisions
  • How your background investigators can become more thorough without sacrificing speed
  • Next steps for automating your background investigation processes