Closing the Readiness Gap: Envisage Technologies and Guardian Tracking Join Forces

When Envisage Technologies CEO Ari Vidali and Guardian Tracking Cofounder Leon Wasilewski speak of Envisage’s acquisition of the fellow Indiana-based company, both emphasize a combined mission of supporting law enforcement, fire, and other public safety organizations.

Specializing in employee management solutions for the public safety sphere, Guardian Tracking strengthens Envisage’s ability to address the industry’s widening issue: the readiness gap.

The readiness gap—which, at its highest level, hinders public safety from preparing for and reacting to emergencies—is rapidly widening as a result of three major circumstances:

  • Resource and training demands are rising, even as budgets shrink.
  • A wave of personnel is set to retire as recruitment grows more challenging.
  • Law enforcement and related fields face significant reform during ongoing crises.

How do Envisage’s and Guardian Tracking’s platforms work?

Envisage’s flagship offering is the Acadis® Readiness Suite, a comprehensive solution serving public safety fields such as law enforcement, firefighting, corrections, and emergency medical response. Agencies can track and manage numerous vital functions, including:

…and a lot more, all with hire-to-retire documentation that gives deep insight into both organizational operations and individual employee history.

Guardian Tracking, meanwhile, is an employee performance management software platform built by and for public safety professionals. Guardian Tracking:

  • Enables transparent and consistent communications
  • Facilitates performance improvement plans
  • Identifies candidates for promotion who demonstrate continued competencies

The solution ultimately strives to provide a clearer view of public safety HR activity for improved decision-making and employee retention.

How does this acquisition impact public safety?

Alongside the growing readiness gap in public safety fields as previously mentioned, there is an industry-wide need for a holistic responder ecosystem—a converged, integrated collection of tools that provides centralized and standardized data for improved reporting and insights, while simultaneously supporting field-specific management needs.

This acquisition marks another step toward that vision, and we’re happy to be further supporting the public safety industry to that end.

How will this affect Envisage and Guardian Tracking’s customers?

Ultimately, this acquisition will give both sets of customers the opportunity to view a more complete picture of their personnel and surrounding operations.

Acadis customers gain a strong performance management tool to integrate with the solution they already rely on, while Guardian Tracking customers can likewise connect with Envisage’s full suite of readiness products—as well as increased support from Envisage staff.

Full details on the integration are forthcoming, but for now, rest assured: There will be no disruption to the systems you currently use and enjoy.

How does this approach enable departments to improve their culture?

Changing culture in any organization comes down to transparency and leadership.

Between two and 20 percent of employees create the majority of negative perception in the public safety workplace.

Tools that enable transparent practices and facilitate coaching and intervention will enhance a strong leadership team’s ability to reduce disruptive behavior.

How will integrated technology transform the industry?

Simply put, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Data silos—which allow important information to be “buried” across numerous systems, departments, or subdepartments—are a big problem for increasingly data-driven organizations.

Robust and well-executed solutions that share data across previously siloed areas allow for more complete records and reports, and better-informed decisions.

How will early warning/early intervention systems evolve?

Envisage’s solution goes well beyond the narrow perspective that typical early warning systems provide.

“Early warning” tools are sometimes utilized as a kneejerk reaction to a tense political/social environment that fail to meet the actual needs of departments or address the roots of the issues they are purported to eliminate.

We do something different.

Instead of shoehorning algorithms into nuanced situations and expecting them to do all the thinking, we provide departments tools they can tailor to their specific needs that support—rather than replace—human decision-making.

What’s next?

Several things. In the future, you can expect:

  • All Guardian Tracking customers will be upgraded to GTNext, an expanded environment with an improved hierarchy that allows for easier categorization, searching, and other improvements.
  • Continued investment in growing both teams and the features of the combined platforms.
  • New capabilities related to training, compliance, and performance—as well as misconduct tracking, use-of-force tracking, and positive reinforcement.

All told, this is a very exciting time for our newly combined team, our customers, and the users who rely on our tools.

Ready to learn how the acquisition stands to strengthen your public safety organization?

Posted on Apr 20, 2021