Envisage Technologies Acquires Industry Leading Early Intervention Solution

BLOOMINGTON, IND. (March 23, 2021)—Envisage Technologies, the industry leader in training and compliance software created exclusively for public safety agencies, announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Guardian Tracking who provides public safety professionals software for early intervention, use-of-force, employee performance management, and positive recognition.

Based in Indianapolis, Guardian Tracking helps more than 1,100 law enforcement and public safety departments ensure higher performance, create more consistent and accurate documentation, improve employee engagement and morale, build trust, and create a clear path for more empowered leaders.

Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, Envisage Technologies is the industry leader in software solutions designed for public safety. Envisage currently works with more than two million first responders and 10,000 agencies.  The Acadis® Readiness Suite is the only comprehensive solution built exclusively for the exacting needs of public safety leaders, with particular focus on training, compliance, internal affairs case management, professional development, legal defensibility, and public accountability. They also provide FirstForward, the ultimate career management platform for public safety professionals focused on managing their careers, relationships, and the particular challenges faced by first responders. Envisage customers include federal agencies, law enforcement organizations, military commands, and many state and local public safety organizations.

Commenting on the transaction, Envisage Technologies CEO Ari Vidali said, “Guardian Tracking is by far the premier provider of early intervention and performance management software for the law enforcement and public safety industry. Their widely adopted solutions are far superior to some of the flashy, but unproven early warning tools that are based solely on algorithms.  Their team has built a solution that flags behavioral patterns across unlimited, highly customizable dimensions—but more importantly, the platform is focused on amplifying and sharing model behaviors which has been proven to fundamentally improve departmental culture.  This acquisition will accelerate our roadmap towards a comprehensive agency management system for public safety.”

“As the landscape evolves, we will continue to focus on our customer-centric approach while providing solutions that enable leadership to work in conjunction with technology for a comprehensive and complete picture of performance,” said Leon Wasilewski, co-founder of Guardian Tracking. “We are excited about the opportunity to enhance our proven-effective early intervention and performance management software and accelerate our impact with the Envisage Technologies team.”

About Envisage Technologies

Envisage Technologies is the world’s leader in training and compliance management solutions for public safety. Envisage’s Acadis® Readiness Suite software gives public safety, security, and military professionals the tools to ensure they are trained, compliant with standards, and ready to respond. It is the only comprehensive, yet scalable training solution built specifically for the exacting needs of public safety leaders. It automates and structures complex, high-risk training and compliance operations by unifying all training functions, like student information, scheduling, registration, learning management, testing, reporting, field training, workflows, and compliance tracking. Acadis customers include federal and military agencies, state POSTs, and many state and large municipal public safety organizations. For more information, please see www.envisagenow.com.

About Guardian Tracking

Guardian Tracking employee performance management software, built by and for public safety professionals, currently helps more than 1,100 organizations to ensure higher performance. GT enables transparent and consistent communication, facilitates performance improvement plans, and identifies candidates who demonstrate continued competencies for promotion. Its proven-effective Early Intervention and Positive Recognition features empower dedicated professionals to thrive. Learn more at guardiantracking.com.

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