This six-part webinar series explores the keys to building and managing tomorrow’s police department. Critical conversations examine hiring practices, how to choose the right mission focus, why culture matters, striving for transparency, data-driven leadership, and more. It’s everything you can do now to ensure success tomorrow.

1. Five Keys to Leading Through the Policing Crisis (32:10)
Envisage CEO Ari Vidali introduces this critical webinar series.

2. Rethink Hiring (1:07:50)
Police licensing expert Roger Goldman, law enforcement training expert Dan Zivkovich, and Envisage CEO Ari Vidali review perspectives, trends, decertification tracking, and best practices to help you make better personnel decisions.

3. Start With Outcomes In Mind (1:11:13)
Police veteran and interdisciplinary social scientist Jonathan Wender, strategic policing expert Nola Joyce, and Envisage CEO Ari Vidali discuss mission focus, effective policies, police training, and the smartest approaches to compliance.

4. Culture Matters (1:04:19)
Janeé Harteau, retired Minneapolis chief of police; Michael Nila, retired police commander; and Envisage EVP of sales Bob Koenig explore culture building and onboarding, as well as officer performance management, monitoring, and intervention.

5. Transparency is No Longer Optional (1:06:03)
Danny Murphy, deputy commissioner of Baltimore Police Department’s Compliance Bureau, and Envisage CEO Ari Vidali examine best practices for body cameras, public interactions, use-of-force protocols, and internal affairs case management.

6. Think Bigger (1:10:33)
Matthew Polega, cofounder of Mark43; David DiGiacomo, CEO of PowerDMS; Leon Wasilewski, co-owner of Guardian Tracking; and Envisage CEO Ari Vidali discuss how data-driven leadership and an understanding of connections between people, technology, and organizations are critical to tomorrow’s law enforcement world.

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