FTO Toolkit: Ideas, Tips, and Solutions for Police Departments

Field officer training (FTO) programs are the cornerstone of healthy police departments. After all, the selected field training officers will be responsible for your new recruits and play a critical role in institutionalizing your mission, policies, and best practices.

The right FTO software and training courses can radically change department culture and protect against liability cases. Mismanaged programs can lead to systemic issues, such as misconduct and unnecessary use of force. The real stories of law enforcement organizations and their leaders offer insight and training ideas on preventing—or recovering from—toxic culture and practices in police departments.

Gain access to this free collection of webinar recordings, articles, and guides discussing FTO programs:

  • Hear real examples of how other police departments are tackling training and FTO programs.
  • Learn how FTO programs can help drive cultural change and reduce misconduct.
  • Get tips for hiring the right officers and ensuring they get the training they need.
  • Discover how software solutions can support your FTO program and increase legal defensibility.