IADLEST Announces Updates to National Certification Program

IADLEST Announces Updates to National Certification Program

MERIDIAN, IDAHO – The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) is pleased to announce the next stage of the National Certification Program (NCP). Training providers who get their courses certified will now receive additional support from both IADLEST and Envisage Technologies, the creators of FirstForward, the online platform that supports the certification application process and hosts the courses.

IADLEST has been working with POST Directors across the country to enhance the quality of law enforcement training, ensuring that NCP courses reach law enforcement professionals in each state. To achieve this goal, NCP courses will receive additional marketing support from IADLEST and Envisage Technologies including state-wide bulletins featuring courses and customized websites for each state’s NCP training opportunities. In addition, Envisage Technologies is offering technical assistance and SCORM packaging of online content to training providers who want to submit courses for certification.

Because NCP courses are hosted on FirstForward, each law enforcement professional who completes a course receives a digital diploma for that course on their portable training record on the site. Training providers can register students through the site, and the site automatically generates diplomas for students that are accessible any time after course completion.

“IADLEST is proud to be working to improve law enforcement training standards by ensuring courses carrying the NCP seal have earned this distinction. With third party validation, these training courses meet the highest training standards, ensuring they are current, defensible and utilizing best practices,” said Mike Becar, IADLEST’s Executive Director.

First launched in June 2015, with the support of Envisage Technologies, the NCP is a revolutionary program designed to enhance standardization and quality within police training. The NCP sets minimum standards for vendors that provide continuing education to the law enforcement community and ensures training content meets those quality standards. NCP standards are designed to meet or exceed all individual state certification requirements, ensuring that NCP-certified training will be accepted by all participating POST organizations in the United States. By compiling certified courses into a national training catalog, the NCP fundamentally improves access to quality training, reduces costs, and improves training efficiency.

According to Peggy Schaefer, the NCP Program Director, “Our NCP Review Team has assessed many quality training programs and we are excited for officers to have access to these courses. Chiefs, Sheriffs, Agency Training Coordinators and Officers can visit the FirstForward marketplace and see all the different training opportunities available to meet their immediate professional needs.”

Information about the NCP may be found at www.iadlest-ncp.org or by calling (208) 288-5491.


The International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) is an international organization of training managers and executives dedicated to the improvement of public safety personnel. IADLEST serves as the national forum of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) agencies, boards, and commissions as well as statewide training academies throughout the United States. For additional information, please visit www.iadlest.org.