Important Reasons Why You Need To Be Tracking Misconduct

Are you thoroughly and efficiently tracking misconduct and use-of-force claims? A strong internal affairs case management system is as important as ever. The people of your state expect accountability and transparency. You need a process that ensures a thorough investigation and a streamlined method to maintain legally defensible records. Without it, you leave the departments you serve and community relations at great risk.

Listen to Victoria Mathews from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC) discuss how her organization manages cases and tracks decertifications currently, how they plan to use new available features to standardize how investigation internal affairs cases are handled, as well as a framework on how to approach a new program.

In addition, an engineer from the Envisage staff will quickly show how the new Internal Affairs Case Management feature in the Acadis Readiness Suite can improve efficiency and transparency.

You’ll learn:

• Several reasons why internal affairs case management is a vital component for your POST

• Ideas on how to track decertifications and manage cases

• How to develop a framework for your program

• The pros and cons of having an internal affairs case management process