Innovative Law Enforcement Technology Transforming Training and Compliance Operations

Thousands of departments in nearly 40 States rely on Envisage Technologies for cutting edge technology  

BLOOMINGTON, IND. (January 15, 2021)—With heightened attention on officer behavior and accountability, law enforcement agencies across the country are modernizing the technology they use to reduce the potential for misconduct and ensure officers are adequately trained. Over the last year, state agencies in Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, South Dakota, and Texas have invested in Envisage Technologies’ Acadis® Readiness Suite to better manage training and certification for officers. With these investments, Acadis is supporting police agencies or metropolitan departments in nearly 40 states nationwide.  

Poor or insufficient training is often a contributing factor in misconduct complaints. A purpose-built system empowers agencies to address this challenge by quickly disseminating training and policies, testing officers on training and observed skills, and tracking whether each officer has completed the necessary courses and certifications. All this information within one system allows for the ability to get a comprehensive picture of the individual, as well as enable robust analysis and reporting.    

One key reason law enforcement agencies choose Acadis more than any other provider is that, unlike generic learning management systems, it’s built exclusively for the specific and nuanced needs of public safety. The software was developed and continually evolves with features, workflows and security requirements that consider the changing needs of public safety.  

Acadis also gives agencies access to the National Decertification Index, a nationwide database of law enforcement officers who have lost their state certification due to misconduct. This reduces the risk of hiring decertified officers in other jurisdictions.

“Having numerous state and local agencies use one system to manage administration and delivery of training offers game-changing opportunities for data standardization and analysis,” says Ari Vidali, CEO of Envisage Technologies. “With the capacity for officer data to be stored in the same format across different cities, counties and states comes the capability for powerful analytics. Organizational leaders will have new proficiencies for comparative and trend analysis with other agencies, early and leading indicators of progress and problems, and hard evidence of what’s working and what’s not.”  

Police departments will be able to give communities the vital information they seek about officer training and effectiveness, and governmental leaders the hard data they need to make optimal decisions on police budgets and policies.      

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