Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Selects the Acadis® Readiness Suite to Track Officer Training

Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Selects the Acadis® Readiness Suite to Track Officer Training

November 17, 2015

Cloud-based software will manage academy operations and certifications state-wide

BLOOMINGTON, IN, November 17, 2015 — Envisage Technologies, a Bloomington, Indiana-based high-technology firm, announced today that it was chosen by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT) to implement the Acadis® Readiness Suite to replace its legacy credentialing and training management system. Envisage’s cloud-based solution is designed specifically for public safety.

The system will be used to automate academy operations, including curriculum development, scheduling, registration, housing, and testing, as well as track full training and compliance records for the 15,000 law enforcement officers across the state. The state-wide system connects all departments and will allow law enforcement agencies to report officer training and employment, register officers for courses, and renew certifications in a highly-secure framework. Acadis® will support the entire hire-to-retire lifecycle to ensure that each officer remains in compliance with all certification requirements.

“The academy automation and distributed portal are an ideal fit for the needs of DOCJT, our law enforcement agencies, and officers.” stated Leslie Gannon, Deputy Commissioner.

“We are excited to add DOCJT to our rapidly growing customer base,” stated Cory Myers, Vice President of Homeland Security for Envisage. “With the addition of Kentucky, Acadis® has the largest installed user base of first responders in the nation with over 1,000,000 personnel tracked.”

“When we envisaged the Acadis® Readiness Suite, we wanted to build the most robust, secure, and comprehensive compliance ecosystem in the world,” said Ari Vidali, Envisage CEO. “We succeed in implementing our vision by constantly listening to our customers and closely collaborating with them to create a powerful solution that simplifies their jobs.”

About the Department of Criminal Justice Training

The mission of the Department of Criminal Justice Training is to provide quality criminal justice training and other services that will enhance the ability of the state’s law enforcement personnel to reduce crime and its costs and create a safe, secure environment for Kentucky.

It is the goal of the Department of Criminal Justice Training to accomplish its mission while adhering to the values of honor, responsibility, and commitment.


Envisage is a high tech software company founded in 2001 to automate complex training operations for first responders and the military. We create solutions that make our world a safer place. Our mission is to improve the readiness of our Nation’s public safety professionals to ensure they come home alive. The company’s training and compliance software platform leads the industry, serving over 1,000,000 first responders and 8,600 public safety departments, across multiple states and the Federal Government.

Our clients include federal law enforcement agencies, including the U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and many state law enforcement and public safety organizations (

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About the Acadis® Readiness Suite

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is designed to make certain that our law enforcement, military, and emergency services are trained, equipped and ready to respond. The Suite measures readiness by automating complex, high-risk training and compliance operations. Acadis® increases the accuracy and effectiveness across every level of critical incident response by consolidating information about personnel and resources. The modular system enables organizations to implement functionality where needed to support the entire compliance lifecycle. Acadis® embodies a single, powerful idea: To make certain our first responders come home alive. (