Kentucky Fire Commission Replacing LXR With ACADIS Testing

Replacing the legacy system will save thousands of dollars in postage and labor

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (January 12, 2021)—Envisage Technologies, the industry leader in training and compliance solutions built exclusively for first responders, announced it will work with the Kentucky Fire Commission to replace legacy testing platform LXR with Acadis Testing. The move will automate the certification testing process for thousands of Kentucky firefighters and save an estimated $60–70k annually by eliminating the need to send and process paper tests across the state.  

“By implementing Acadis testing, we’ll be able to transform our processes and increase efficiencies. For example, instead of waiting weeks to get results from test submissions, we’ll now get the results right away. That’s going to change things substantially for us,” said Marc Rudder, director of state fire Training & Rescue.  

By utilizing Acadis Testing, a FedRAMP-authorized software system, Kentucky Fire Commission can ensure that their data is safe, secure, and hosted only in the U.S. The reality of a cyberattack on a department is as big as ever. That is why it’s important for departments to work with systems that not only have a rock-solid framework, but also keep data on servers in the United States.  

This functionality will allow Kentucky Fire Commission to:

  • Customize tests — define testing rules and rely on templates to quickly develop new tests, add or update questions, and administer tests online.
  • Ensure integrity randomize feature to ensure that no two tests present the same questions in the same fashion.
  • Optimize efficiency — automatically transfer written, online, and observed tests (including physical skill assessments) to personal records.
  • Test in any environment — conduct field testing in any environment, syncing data later when connectivity is available.

“First responders work hard to keep our communities safe. They deserve a system that will work hard to keep their records safe. We’ve been working with the Kentucky Fire Commission for almost two years now, with great success, so we’re excited to continue that work with them to improve their online testing and data records,” said Ari Vidali, CEO and founder of Envisage Technologies.

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