Let’s Look at Hiring

The recruitment and retention of diverse, high-quality candidates is a challenge in any field. But in law enforcement, it’s more critical than ever. On July 1, Envisage presents Rethink Hiring, the first of first of five deep discussions for police chiefs, sheriffs, mayors, city councils, and others charged with confronting the current policing crisis. Panel members include:

  • Roger Goldman, the foremost expert on police licensing and license revocation laws in the U.S.
  • Dan Zivkovich, executive director of the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee
  • Ari Vidali, founder and CEO of Envisage Technologies

Join this group of experts for a focused examination of perspectives, trends, decertification tracking, and best practices in cultivating law enforcement teams for today and the future.

Beyond July 1, Envisage offers additional webinars including:

  • Start With Outcomes in Mind, July 15
  • Culture Matters, July 29
  • Transparency is No Longer Optional, August 12
  • Think Bigger, August 26

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Posted on Jun 22, 2020