Missouri Division of Fire Safety Secures Updated Training Technology Through Assistance to Firefighters Grant

BLOOMINGTON, IND. (May 4, 2021)—Envisage Technologies, the premier training, compliance and performance software solution for public safety agencies, is pleased to announce that the Missouri Division of Fire Safety has used funds from FEMA’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) to secure Envisage’s online training and certification compliance system called Acadis. The new system gives the Division of Fire Safety the tools they need to track and evaluate personnel and have confidence in their ability to perform in emergencies as they’re trained to do so.

Acadis will ensure the Missouri Division of Fire Safety is provided the most up-to-date Records Management System (RMS) and Learning Management System (LMS), giving them a centralized tracking tool for all firefighters’ and first responders’ training certifications, while eliminating legacy and unsupported systems. It acts as a centralized, modular system and allows the Division of Fire Safety’s core functions—such as developing courses, scheduling, testing, rosters, and certifications—to be managed in one place. The FEMA-supported upgrade will standardize this process down to the department level and helps pay for the system’s startup costs.

Instructors and administrators easily manage the scheduling of coursework, while making sure the content matches the requirements of the Division of Fire Safety, and testing evaluates the required cognitive and practical skills.

“Across the state, challenges to the division include budgeting, maintaining a sufficient level of readiness, and having the right technology, as well as hardware resources needed to be able to respond to specific training requests as they occur,” said State Fire Marshal Tim Bean. “Acadis will enable us to quickly implement new training, provide a platform for computer-based testing, and ensure Missouri’s first responders are up to date on their certifications by collecting and reporting required data.”

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