POST-XML: A Peace Officer Standards and Training XML Data Model

New realities and interoperability directives facing our Law Enforcement and Public Safety communities demand a standard means for the sharing of vital information relevant to national security and critical incident preparedness and response. In addition, national and interstate public safety initiatives, such as H.R. 218 (the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004) and the National Decertification Index require a robust standard to facilitate the creation and maintenance of national registries for the efficient storage and accurate exchange of officer data between states. While immediate needs exist to exchange firearms authorizations and decertification data, it is becoming increasingly evident that emergency management directives will request that POST, Academy and Agency organizations be in a position to provide training, certification and skills data to facilitate effective incident response. An XML standard based upon the vital data resident within the POST organizations would lay the foundation for significant advancements in interoperability.

To cite this article: Franklin, R., & Vidali, A. “POST-XML: A Peace Officer Standards and Training XML Data Model”, 2007.