Start With Outcomes in Mind

On a Mission

The purpose of law enforcement is to maintain social order and peace. But what does that look like for your police force? Only July 15, Envisage presented Start With Outcomes in Mind. One of several deep discussions for police chiefs, sheriffs, mayors, city councils, and other decision makers, this webinar provided insight from the following experts:

  • Jonathan Wender, co-founder, president & CEO of Polis Solutions
  • Nola M. Joyce, partner and principal consultant with 21CP Solutions
  • Ari Vidali, founder and CEO of Envisage Technologies

To learn how a clearly defined mission can support effective policies, officer compliance, and more, access the webinar now.

Future webinars include:

  • Culture Matters, July 29
  • Transparency is No Longer Optional, August 12
  • Think Bigger, August 26

Posted on Jul 20, 2020