Tennessee POST Reduces Time Spent Processing Agency Training by 84% with Acadis

The Challenge

Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (TN POST) has the challenging task of overseeing 356 agencies and reviewing the training of around 18,500 officers annually to ensure compliance with state regulations.

In addition, Tennessee POST is responsible for salary supplements—disbursing a $14.5 million budget to pay qualified officers. For officers to receive their supplements, they must complete 40 hours of in-service training that includes required hours devoted to specific topics, such as crisis intervention.

Before Acadis, TN POST did not have an effective way to provide the oversight the salary supplement processing required. TN POST was still accepting paper training records of training from agencies, and the staff could not see a breakdown of the topics of training attended by officers.

The Choice

TN POST wanted to continue allowing officers to take variations of training rather than prescribing a single curriculum, so it needed a system that allowed staff to efficiently identify, qualify, and process agency training data.

TN POST’s goals included:

  • Moving to paperless processes and eliminating filing cabinet storage
  • Reducing human error and improving the accuracy of records
  • Streamlining the process for agencies to submit training and enabling them to check the status of their supplement payments
  • Saving staff time by reducing phone calls and emails from agencies

To address these challenges, TN POST implemented the Acadis® Readiness Suite. Acadis Portal enables agencies to submit officer training with corresponding categories for TN POST to confirm topics and hours meet the state’s standards. Acadis Workflow ensures proper follow-through and expedites processing.

The Change

Using the Acadis Portal for agencies to submit training, TN POST has been able to go paperless for training submissions and salary supplement processing.

All 356 local agencies can now leverage a secure Acadis Portal to electronically submit all of the information that TN POST needs which then alerts the TN POST staff that information has been submitted and is ready to process. Agencies can submit training records throughout the year, receive feedback from TN POST if errors are identified, and resolve issues to eliminate delays in supplemental payments.

Just processing the mail related to salary supplements required 100 hours of work. Now, TN POST staff can process each agency in 60–90 seconds—16 hours overall.

Using Acadis has eliminated the risk of human error, and TN POST can feel more confident in the accuracy of training records and compliance determinations. TN POST has identified previously unnoticed issues and can now pull reports that quickly answer whether agencies and their officers are compliant.

By implementing Acadis, TN POST has provided better support to law enforcement agencies across Tennessee and reduced the headaches of compliance management.

In addition to the entry-level training, the customer worked with Vector to build an entire technician succession planning model, providing training and career development support to help technicians develop advanced maintenance skills, progress through levels of an internal certification program, gain specialty certifications, and even receive training in leadership. Employees have been receptive to the program and results, while early, have been promising. The facilities management firm and Vector Solutions continue to partner together to achieve goals and complete additional phases of the training program.

“I did the math. It used to take 2 1/2 weeks of solid work to process agency records. Acadis takes that work down to literally a day and a half.”

LE Training Investigator Supervisor — TN POST

Ready to see what the Acadis® Readiness Suite can do for your staff, officers, and community?

Posted on Jun 22, 2023