With a policing environment that is calling for radical change in resource-strapped departments, Envisage Technologies CEO Ari Vidali believes that the right technology can make the difference.

There is a readiness gap forming as demand for services increases and budgets decrease—and the current approaches and technology solutions of most organizations aren’t enough to bridge it.

In the Tech Talks Daily episode “The Technology Supporting Police Accountability and Change,” Neil C. Hughes interviewed Vidali about the power of technology to meet some of the challenges facing policing today.

At Envisage, we assist law enforcement organizations tackling these challenges in three critical ways.

1.   Keeping bad cops off the streets

Using an internal affairs case management system, department leaders are better able to identify misconduct trends, and address them sooner. When your internal affairs case management system is pulling its weight, departments can review and share historical information within minutes of a request.

Additionally, even when officers are dismissed for misconduct, many are being rehired in departments in other states. That’s why we’ve partnered with IADLEST to build, maintain, and make easily available the National Decertification Index (NDI). Learn more about the decertification index.

2.   Enabling better training

Poor or insufficient training is often at the heart of most misconduct incidents. While we’ve been working on better ways to report decertification, we’ve also been working on a wide array of certification options. In 2015, we collaborated with IADLEST to develop certification for training courses themselves, working to ensure that officer training meets minimum quality standards.

We’re also committed to supporting law enforcement in establishing accountable, transparent, and sustainable training processes. A reliable learning management system (LMS) allows departments to quickly disseminate training and policies with intention and consistency.

3.   Helping departments mature their readiness

“Are our officers ready?” In order to answer this question, departments need to migrate away from paper records and siloed legacy systems toward securely integrated digital solutions. A comprehensive system, such as the Acadis Readiness Suite, can fuse these disparate datasets in ways that streamline processes and provide clarity.

For example, if your internal affairs case management system is fully integrated with your LMS, you can easily assign training to address misconduct incidents—and be able to demonstrate your response to such incidents.

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About the Technology

The Acadis Readiness Suite is the most comprehensive public safety training and compliance software platform for officer performance management, use-of-force reports and cases, decertification, and analytics, and is trusted by more than 2 million public safety professionals and 10,000 agencies. Learn more about what powers the Acadis system.

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Posted on Nov 12, 2020