An Introduction to U.S. POSTs and Future Initiatives

The 50 states have varying models for how state law enforcement standards and training agencies operate. Though they all strive to achieve an enhanced criminal justice system, each state’s unique legislature has led to diverse means and authorities.

In this recorded webinar, New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Director Kelly Alzaharna and IADLEST Historian and Program Manager William Flink delivers an introductory overview of what POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) agencies look like in the United States. Discussion topics include the differences in responsibilities, funding sources, programs, oversight authorities, and, in general, how these differences might lead to more standardization of services in the future.

You’ll learn:

  • The overview and purpose of a POST
  • The different POST models and programs within POST agencies
  • Weaknesses within the models
  • Model standards created for POST agencies by IADLEST
  • What standardization efforts could look like
  • How enhanced standards might resolve the call for police reform