Training & Compliance

Negative records quickly pile up in compliance-focused systems.
Oct 28, 2021

Choosing Documentation Tools for Holistic Officer Insights and Records

Using tracking tools to cover the bare minimum for compliance means you are only documenting the negative. If an officer’s performance comes into question, you will want to ensure you have holistic records that include context, improvements, and positive performance.

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The Online Training Toolkit
Sep 29, 2021

The Online Training Toolkit

Learn how you can move your training program online to reach your students wherever they are and do more with your training resources.

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San Francisco Police Department Vehicle
Sep 23, 2021

Implementing Informed Training to Improve Officer Decision-Making and Reduce Use of Force

By focusing on accountable training and policies, the San Francisco Police Department aims to reduce the use of deadly force. By collaborating with external stakeholders to inform their practices, the department is providing more effective training and building community trust.

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Vector Solutions Acquires Envisage Technologies, Fostering Mission to Provide Essential Solutions to Public Safety
Sep 8, 2021

Vector Solutions Acquires Envisage Technologies, Fostering Mission to Provide Essential Solutions to Public Safety

Vector Solutions, the leading provider of industry-focused software solutions for training, workforce management and risk communications, has acquired Envisage Technologies, the leader in unified training, compliance, and performance software for public safety.

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Personnel Record Accuracy
Aug 26, 2021

Are your personnel records accurate and up-to-date?

Optimal decision-making and legal defensibility require a commitment to strong recordkeeping at the individual level. Check that your processes and technology are supporting you in these efforts.

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Man Sitting at Laptop
Aug 19, 2021

Four Tips for Incorporating Online Training for Firefighters

Fire departments and agencies are seeing numerous benefits from transitioning to online training, but making the switch isn’t always easy. Learn what other fire organization have done and how you can make the transition easier.

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Jul 15, 2021

Measuring What Matters: The Outcomes and Impact of Science-based Training

Mapping performance goals to departmental and governmental needs may reveal areas where existing performance indicators could be more refined.

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Illinois Fire Service Institute Logo
Jul 14, 2021

Illinois Fire Service Institute Selects the Acadis® Readiness Suite to Upgrade Fire Academy Training Certification Testing and Compliance Process

The Acadis® Readiness Suite gives Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) the tools needed to deliver certification testing more efficiently to first responders across the state.

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Jun 17, 2021

A Fully-Integrated Online Training System for Academy Coordination

It’s crucial that training academy systems are centralized and consolidated in order to comply with state standards and remain up-to-date, accurate, and accessible to all authorized parties.

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Jun 10, 2021

The Dos and Don’ts of Tracking Misconduct

Tracking misconduct is essential to law enforcement HR work, and its importance grows alongside increased public scrutiny of police behavior. Discover common tracking missteps and how to sidestep them to fully leverage your systems.

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