Police Officer speaking to crowd
Aug 24, 2021

Making Increased Police Transparency Work for Everyone

As a leader with a goal of increased transparency, your efforts are likely to meet hesitation or even resistance. Here are the top concerns your people are likely to have—and how you can respond—to ensure your efforts remain in everyone’s best interest.

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Man Sitting at Laptop
Aug 19, 2021

Four Tips for Switching to Online Training for Firefighters

Fire departments and agencies are seeing numerous benefits from transitioning to online training, but making the switch isn’t always easy. Learn what other fire organization have done and how you can make the transition easier.

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Security Check - IE11
Aug 17, 2021

Security check: IE11 is on Its Way Out

Legacy systems might be tying you down to IE11, which is on its way out, losing support, and will be more vulnerable going forward. Are you ready? Here’s how to have a conversation with your IT team.

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911 Call Operators
Aug 10, 2021

Reclassifying Emergency Communications: Proposed Legislation May Support Retention Efforts

The 911 SAVES Act, if passed, would bring dispatchers and communication specialists closer in line with other public safety professionals and allow emergency communication centers and PSAPs to better recruit and retain their personnel.

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Compassion Fatigue
Aug 5, 2021

Compassion Fatigue and What First Responder Organizations Can Do

While there is no single answer to compassion fatigue, these strategies can help organizations provide better support to their people, many of whom may be struggling without even knowing it.

Aug 3, 2021

Clearing the Path for Successful Tech Adoption

Explore tips for ensuring a smooth adoption of a new system or tool. Help your personnel with the right approach and educational foundation, and they’ll be ready for launch day.

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Jul 27, 2021

Why One Mayor Funded a Police Social Worker Program

With police departments across the country revisiting the intersection of social work and police work, what do departments need to consider? Read on for a mayor’s perspective on the deliberations and reasons behind his support for embedded social workers.

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Jul 15, 2021

Measuring What Matters: The Outcomes and Impact of Science-based Training

Mapping performance goals to departmental and governmental needs may reveal areas where existing performance indicators could be more refined.

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Jul 6, 2021

Three Benefits and Two Challenges of Tracking Firefighter Exposures

With technology such as early intervention systems, fire departments can track their personnel’s exposures to hazards. This comes with significant benefits but is not without its challenges.

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Jul 1, 2021

Increase Your Readiness for Grants

No matter which grant you are seeking, you’ll have better chances of getting funding if you provide data-driven details, are specific about your need, and solve a problem in your community.

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