Envisage Launches Premium Services Option to FirstForward® Training Network in the Form of FirstForward PRO

Envisage Launches Premium Services Option to FirstForward® Training Network in the Form of FirstForward PRO

July 6, 2016

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Greg Ryhal
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BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA – Envisage Technologies, creators of FirstForward®—the training network built exclusively for first responders—announced today that they have begun offering a premium service to the existing FirstForward framework. FirstForward PRO, available by subscription to new and existing FirstForward users and organizations, will include enhancements and features not available in the standard, free version of the network.

FirstForward aggregates nationally-certified professional training courses targeted to the first responder community.  FirstForward PRO users will still have access to the same training, but will also be able to take advantage of the premium Policy Documents feature.  Policy Documents brings attention to documents needing organizational review, and allows organizations to monitor the progress of readership in real time. Whether they are focused on accreditation, a compliance audit, or litigation, first responder organizations must be able to demonstrate not only that proper policies are in place, but also that the policies are being distributed and acknowledged properly.  Failure to do so can jeopardize both public safety and the defensibility of lawsuits.  This new feature will ensure that documents which are required reading or announce important information—such as changes to pursuit policies, use of force, or how to properly enter a burning building—are easily accessible, trackable, and most importantly, being read.  Policy Documents is expected to be the first of many enhancements to FirstForward PRO that bring modern technology to paper laden departments.

“It has been exciting to watch FirstForward grow so quickly and make such a tremendous impact on the first responder community,” said Envisage Founder and CEO, Ari Vidali. “The launch of FirstForward PRO, and especially the Policy Documents feature, are just the first of many innovations that we are launching to support our first responders and public safety departments.”

Access to FirstForward PRO will be priced at $20 per user per year. As a limited time introductory offer, however, Envisage is taking half-off the annual rate for those who wish to immediately take advantage of the current FirstForward PRO Policy Documents enhancement.  Those purchasing FirstForward PRO will also have access to future enhancements at no additional cost.

Envisage company and FirstForward product information can be found at www.envisagenow.com and www.firstforward.com or by calling (888) 313-8324.

About Envisage Technologies, LLC

Envisage is a software company founded in 2001 to automate the complex training operations for first responders, law enforcement, and the military. We create solutions that make our world a safer place. Our mission is to improve the readiness of our nation’s public safety professionals to ensure they come home alive. The company’s Acadis training and compliance software platform leads the industry, serving over one million first responders across 8,600 public safety organizations, including both federal and state agencies. Our clients include federal law enforcement agencies, including the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, and many state law enforcement and public safety organizations.

About FirstForward

FirstForward provides critical news and enables the lifelong learning that public safety personnel need to ensure their careers reach retirement. FirstForward maintains the complete training history of courses completed on the site and provides a forum for industry professionals and experts to discuss best practices and the latest public safety techniques, tactics and resources necessary to safely execute the job.  Law enforcement officers, first responders, and other public safety personnel may sign up for access at www.firstforward.com.