The real cost of public safety compliance

When aggregated, manual training compliance paperwork costs can quickly reach millions of dollars a year. For example, a State with 35,000 public safety professionals (10,000 police officers and 25,000 firefighters) and emergency medical personnel generates approximately 7.168 million sheets of paperwork every year. To put this in context, if those sheets were stacked up, they would reach a height of 3,584 feet – more than twice the height of the Empire State Building.
It’s unlikely that a department’s paperwork is being stacked in a corner, those 7 million sheets of paperwork require 716 filing cabinets. Just enough filing cabinets to span 2,148 feet or twice the length of the Nimitz aircraft carrier.

But the real problem with all this manual training paperwork isn’t just that it is taking up considerable time and space – it is also costing states millions of dollars each year. If we factor in all the supplies, labor and storage, a state’s public safety and law enforcement departments spend about $3,258,432 a year. Those funds could pay for the salaries of 72 firefighters, 59 police officers or 104 EMTs.

States seeking to streamline and increase the efficiency of training compliance should consider investing in the right cloud-accessible compliance software and eliminate paper records altogether.

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