Best Practices for Police Early Intervention Systems
Sep 28, 2021

Legislation Ready: Best Practices for Police Early Intervention Systems

Listen to this recorded webinar and discover how practical early intervention strategies can improve your department’s operations.

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San Francisco Police Department Vehicle
Sep 23, 2021

Implementing Informed Training to Improve Officer Decision-Making and Reduce Use of Force

By focusing on accountable training and policies, the San Francisco Police Department aims to reduce the use of deadly force. By collaborating with external stakeholders to inform their practices, the department is providing more effective training and building community trust.

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Culture of recognition
Sep 16, 2021

Cultivating Leadership: Embracing the Power of Positive Recognition

Police chiefs looking to foster leadership throughout their organizations can look to a consistent process of positive recognition and documentation to create an encouraging and productive workplace culture and affirm leadership strengths.

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Vector Solutions Acquires Envisage Technologies, Fostering Mission to Provide Essential Solutions to Public Safety
Sep 8, 2021

Vector Solutions Acquires Envisage Technologies, Fostering Mission to Provide Essential Solutions to Public Safety

Vector Solutions, the leading provider of industry-focused software solutions for training, workforce management and risk communications, has acquired Envisage Technologies, the leader in unified training, compliance, and performance software for public safety.

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Making New Technology Adoption Easier for Fire Agencies
Sep 2, 2021

Paving The Way: Making New Technology Adoption Easier For Fire Agencies

Listen to this recorded webinar with the Kentucky Fire Commission regarding their approach to modernizing the technology of 700+ fire agencies in their state.

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Personnel Record Accuracy
Aug 26, 2021

Are your personnel records accurate and up-to-date?

Optimal decision-making and legal defensibility require a commitment to strong recordkeeping at the individual level. Check that your processes and technology are supporting you in these efforts.

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Police Officer speaking to crowd
Aug 24, 2021

Making Increased Police Transparency Work for Everyone

As a leader with a goal of increased transparency, your efforts are likely to meet hesitation or even resistance. Here are the top concerns your people are likely to have—and how you can respond—to ensure your efforts remain in everyone’s best interest.

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Man Sitting at Laptop
Aug 19, 2021

Four Tips for Switching to Online Training for Firefighters

Fire departments and agencies are seeing numerous benefits from transitioning to online training, but making the switch isn’t always easy. Learn what other fire organization have done and how you can make the transition easier.

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Infographic - In House vs Full-Stack Cloud Security
Aug 18, 2021

In-House vs. Full-Stack Cloud Security Infographic

While keeping some aspects of your IT stack in-house might be appealing, organizations that turn to full-stack cloud solutions are more likely to stay secure and can better focus on their critical operations.

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Security Check - IE11
Aug 17, 2021

Security check: IE11 is on Its Way Out

Legacy systems might be tying you down to IE11, which is on its way out, losing support, and will be more vulnerable going forward. Are you ready? Here’s how to have a conversation with your IT team.

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