3 Tips for Improving Your Performance Evaluations.
Jan 12, 2022

Three Tips for Improving Your Performance Evaluations

Get tips to improve performance evaluations and ensure they add value to your organization. Use these three reminders while planning evaluation to keep your focus on helping employees succeed.

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Trends and predictions from law enforcement professionals.
Jan 6, 2022

Predictions for How Police Reform Will Play Out in 2022

The close of one year is the perfect chance to start thinking about the next. Read predictions from past and present law enforcement professionals about where the industry is headed in 2022.

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Dec 22, 2021

Vermont Fire Academy selects the Acadis® Readiness Suite to modernize firefighter and first responder testing, training, and certifications

Acadis by Vector Solutions® is pleased to announce that the Vermont Fire Academy selects the Acadis® Readiness Suite to modernize firefighter and first responder testing, training, and certifications.

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Adopting a holistic approach to law enforcement management requires considering many angles and tech to support it.
Dec 22, 2021

A Holistic Approach to Policing

With states increasingly enacting laws requiring greater officer and management accountability, law enforcement agencies now have an opportunity to reenvision certain aspects of their approach and redefine the way officers are managed.

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Employee performance evaluation form
Dec 16, 2021

Police Performance Evaluations: Increasing Engagement with Better Strategies

As opposed to the traditional approach to assessing performance—which can be stressful for everyone involved—police performance evaluations based on sincere, ongoing engagement build relationships, strengthen organizations, and incorporate the philosophies…

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Ensuring adoption of compliance technology improves your legal defensibility.
Dec 9, 2021

Why Tech Adoption is Vital for Legal Defensibility

Not fully utilizing the tools at your organization’s disposal may result in added legal liability or general trouble in the courtroom. Learn why public safety leaders should be driving the adoption of new technology at all levels.

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How to respond face-to-face when early intervention is needed
Dec 2, 2021

Effective Strategies for Early Intervention: How to Respond and Support Personnel

How exactly do you intervene when an early intervention system flags an employee’s performance or behavior? A properly planned and implemented intervention can help you get a flagged employee back on track—something no technology can do on its own.

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Laws requiring early intervention systems statewide
Nov 24, 2021

Four Steps to Prepare Your Law Enforcement Agency for EIS Legislation

It is highly likely that most states will soon pass legislation requiring early warning or intervention systems—or that federal legislation on the matter may push all agencies to implement similar tools. Is your department ready?

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Robust documentation tools can improve your legal defensibility.
Nov 18, 2021

Can Your Software Help You in Court?

The right technology can add a crucial layer of reliability to your records should the need arise. Ensure that the documentation your agency needs to protect itself in court meets the highest integrity, security, and thoroughness standards.

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Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) logo
Nov 11, 2021


Acadis by Vector Solutions® is pleased to announce that the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) will utilize the Acadis Readiness Suite to deliver and track evolving training for its investigators and employees statewide.

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