Community Culture

Trends and predictions from law enforcement professionals.
Jan 6, 2022

Predictions for How Police Reform Will Play Out in 2022

The close of one year is the perfect chance to start thinking about the next. Read predictions from past and present law enforcement professionals about where the industry is headed in 2022.

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Adopting a holistic approach to law enforcement management requires considering many angles and tech to support it.
Dec 22, 2021

A Holistic Approach to Policing

With states increasingly enacting laws requiring greater officer and management accountability, law enforcement agencies now have an opportunity to reenvision certain aspects of their approach and redefine the way officers are managed.

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Five Crucial Early Intervention Features to Support Staff, Improve Communication, and Increase Accountability
Sep 30, 2021

Five Crucial Early Intervention Features to Support Staff, Improve Communication, and Increase Accountability

Effective communication is essential for any organization to work smoothly, and the ability to communicate clearly and candidly with public safety personnel can improve job performance and satisfaction.

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San Francisco Police Department Vehicle
Sep 23, 2021

Implementing Informed Training to Improve Officer Decision-Making and Reduce Use of Force

By focusing on accountable training and policies, the San Francisco Police Department aims to reduce the use of deadly force. By collaborating with external stakeholders to inform their practices, the department is providing more effective training and building community trust.

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Culture of recognition
Sep 16, 2021

Cultivating Leadership: Embracing the Power of Positive Recognition

Police chiefs looking to foster leadership throughout their organizations can look to a consistent process of positive recognition and documentation to create an encouraging and productive workplace culture and affirm leadership strengths.

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Making New Technology Adoption Easier for Fire Agencies
Sep 2, 2021

Paving The Way: Making New Technology Adoption Easier For Fire Agencies

Listen to this recorded webinar with the Kentucky Fire Commission regarding their approach to modernizing the technology of 700+ fire agencies in their state.

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Police Officer speaking to crowd
Aug 24, 2021

Making Increased Police Transparency Work for Everyone

As a leader with a goal of increased transparency, your efforts are likely to meet hesitation or even resistance. Here are the top concerns your people are likely to have—and how you can respond—to ensure your efforts remain in everyone’s best interest.

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911 Call Operators
Aug 10, 2021

Reclassifying Emergency Communications: Proposed Legislation May Support Retention Efforts

The 911 SAVES Act, if passed, would bring dispatchers and communication specialists closer in line with other public safety professionals and allow emergency communication centers and PSAPs to better recruit and retain their personnel.

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Jul 27, 2021

Why One Mayor Funded a Police Social Worker Program

With police departments across the country revisiting the intersection of social work and police work, what do departments need to consider? Read on for a mayor’s perspective on the deliberations and reasons behind his support for embedded social workers.

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How U.S. Post Organizations Can Answer the Call for Police Reform
Jul 9, 2021

An Introduction to U.S. POSTs and Future Initiatives

Listen to this recorded webinar for an overview of what POST agencies look like in the US and how enhanced standards might resolve the call for police reform.

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