Impact of the Federal Executive Order on Policing and Public Safety for State POSTs and Local Law Enforcement

Technology can help your agency comply with President Biden’s executive order. Learn how the Acadis Readiness Suite can help.

Leveraging Technology to Comply with the Executive Order on Policing & Public Safety

Technology can help your agency comply with President Biden’s executive order. Learn how the Acadis Readiness Suite can help.

The Best Academy Training for Better Outcomes

Ensure you’re choosing the best training for your academy and effectively delivering it.

Law Enforcement Academy Director Training

Acadis® Readiness Suite Achieves CJIS Compliance

Acadis® Readiness Suite meets all critical security standards, including FedRAMP and CJIS, while also being hosted on AWS GovCloud. It is designed to ensure public safety, military, and other government professionals are trained, equipped, and ready to respond.

Acadis is Secure

Employing Early Intervention from the Start—At the Academy

Combining your early intervention strategies with the right training follow-up can radically improve your ability to ensure students are mission-ready.

Paths of different people on their way to one target

Portable records: A vital component of maintaining the integrity of the law enforcement profession

Solid, digitally transferable documentation helps any agency considering officers gain a full understanding of their training, qualifications, and areas of concern.

A set of digital file cabinets on a portable laptop

Four Ways a Training Management System Helps Public Safety Meet New and Shifting Training Requirements

A training management system is no longer a luxury—it has become a necessity as changing rules and shifting legislation continue to alter the way public safety institutions do business.

“Time to Adapt” written on a sticky note and placed on a laptop

Effective Background Investigations: What Your Department Can Do Right Now to Hire the Best Officers

Do you know who you are hiring? Join the webinar on February 16 to learn the non-negotiables of officer background investigations and tools that increase efficiency.

Effective Background Investigations Webinar

The Critical Need for Reports that Drive Smart (and Quick) Decisions

Data silos stem from many factors—such as a lack of appropriate technology—and create both legal risk and real danger out in the field.

Understandable and comprehensive reports improve decision-making. 

Three Tips for Improving Your Performance Evaluations

Get tips to improve performance evaluations and ensure they add value to your organization. Use these three reminders while planning evaluation to keep your focus on helping employees succeed.

3 Tips for Improving Your Performance Evaluations.